Autumn Garden Maintenance

Autumn is a great time for the garden. If you hire Ben to maintain your garden, here are a few of the kind of jobs you can expect to be offered.

Leaf clearing – now the leaves are dropping its a good idea to rake them up and make a leaf mould pile. All you need is a shady corner or a black bag to fill with the leaves collected. Puncture it a little to allow air to circulate and water to get in, and then put it out of sight until next year. It will give you some lovely compost, known as leaf mould, which is a fantastic soil conditioner, good for borders, beds and pots.

Planting – Yes, believe it or not now is an excellent chance to fill up those borders! Plant spring bulbs now for a great display next year. Ben especially enjoys container displays of winter pansy, cyclamen and others, to give you some late flowers that will last you.

Pruning – its time to get all your shrubs in order for next year. Pruning now will give them time to recover before the hard frosts turn up.

Hedge trimming – for the same reason as above, its a great time to do one final cut on most hedges.

Weeding – Weeds are still growing, can you believe it? When everything else is starting to wind down, perennial weeds are often still growing. A good tidy up now will give them less of a chance to establish before winter.

Lawn maintenance – Scarify and re-seed for an amazing lawn come the spring.

And more! Hiring Ben to maintain your garden over autumn and you will get a complete service tailored to the needs of your garden.

If you wish to book Ben to maintain your garden, call 07927 896 956