It may be snowing, but I’m preparing for summer!

The UK is experiencing some fairly severe weather conditions but it hasn’t stopped me! Of course, there isn’t much of anything that can be done outdoors when its snowing, and more importantly, when the ground is frozen solid.

So instead I have been looking after my various seedlings, which as always have been started early indoors so they are ready for summer.

As we are only two days in to March my production has barely even started despite appearances. Things like Pelargoniums (below) were started at the beginning of the year to get them ready for flowering in summer.

A tray of Pelargonium seedlings under grow lights
Pelargoniums or Geraniums as you may know them, basking under a grow-light.

All of these I will be selling to clients, and with that in mind I have a few interesting varieties not often found in shops.

Ricinus in particular is a favourite, with its architectural foliage, and bright red spikey looking seed pods. They are a great plant to dot around the border, to add some height and interest. 

Ricinus Seedlings against yellow background
Ricinus seedlings

I’m also planning some unusual varieties of Petunia, Begonia, Salvia and more. The aim with these is to be able to use everything in a pot, border or hanging basket.

A tray of seedlings under grow lights

I’m also doing fruit and veg for myself. This year I will have two-four Tomato ‘Alisa Craig’ plants set-up semi-hydroponically in the green house. Along with Cucumbers and Sweet Peppers, the latter of which I haven’t grown before.

Tomato seedling in a small plastic pot

All of these plants will stay indoors until the weather during the day picks up and the nights cease to be so cold. It is all summer bedding so don’t plant them out until at least April, here in Hertfordshire.

If you want bedding plants from me, I do lovely hanging baskets, bedding plant displays, pots, you name it.  Do get in touch! In the mean time, stay warm.