Plants I love: Clematis x cartmanii ‘Avalanche’

If you follow me on my Instragram or Facebook account’s you will have seen this picture of the amazing Clematis x Cartmanii ‘Avalanche’.

This is what I think of when a plant is talked about as being ‘floriferous’. It has large ornate white flowers, that immediately draw the eye in any garden. The flowers begin in March and go through to May.

Clematis x Cartmanii 'Avalanche'
Clematis ‘Avalanche’

Planting and maintenance are easy. Make sure the soil is well drained, and add in some organic matter to the planting hole to help it along. Some speak of adding stones around the base of a clematis to “keep the roots cool” but it isn’t necessary, but nor will it do any harm.
It falls in to Clematis group 1 for pruning, which essentially means there is no need.

If it does get out of control how-ever, prune immediately after flowering. Stay tuned for a future blog post when I tackle a fellow Group 1 Clematis – Clematis Montana.

Don’t want to prune it yourself? Then please give me a call on 07546 750 985 or e-mail me – and I would be happy to do it for you.