Spring Garden Maintenance

Spring is here once again, and the weeds have started to pop through as well as the tulips.

My number one job for spring is one of the most important jobs of the entire gardening year. Mulching.

Now is a great time to weed the beds and borders thoroughly and give them a good nutritious mulch. Mulching keeps weeds down, and provides nutrients to both established and growing plants.

Its feeding time for everything now growing, and particularly for your lawn, now getting cut regularly. Lawn treatments from applications of selective herbicides to kill off your moss and fertilizers to promote healthy growth are now offered at reasonable rates by Ben. Ben is fully qualified in Use of Pesticides and will arrive to do an initial survey and safety assessment prior to application of chemicals to minimise any risk to yourself, your neighbors, your pets and members of the public.

Spring pruning the shrubs that need it along with regular bed and border maintenance will keep your garden looking fantastic through until summer and beyond.