Winter Garden Maintenance

Although the weather outside may be frightful, there are still jobs to be done in the garden! In fact, winter can be a crucial time for planning a new border, digging and preparing it.
Many a new layout to a garden has started in winter, and it is a rule of thumb that as long as the ground is not frozen or water-logged then it can be worked. The latter is particularly true of clay soil, which gains significant weight and sticking power when flooded. However this is a much better time to dig a bed or border than summer, when clay will be as hard as concrete.

A good tidy up is often whats needed in winter. Time to get rid of the annuals that perish to the first frosts, and while we are at it, it is a great time for jobs such as pressure washing paths, drives and decking.

Look out for emerging Hellebore flowers, Hamamelis (witch hazel) and Prunus Alba (dogwood) with its colourful stems. For winter interest consider these and more. Acer’s can be great for this, with amazing foliage the rest of the year, and beautiful red, yellow and amber branches in winter.

Have a lot of pots stood empty? Contact me about my winter annual displays!

Hiring Ben to maintain your garden over winter and you will get a complete service tailored to the needs of your garden.

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